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The first eco alternative to cryptocurrencies On your phone for free
Our mission

We created Byonicoin because we wanted to eliminate the enormous waste of energy that cryptocurrencies use to distribute money.

Bitcoin’s current estimated annual electricity consumption is 61.4 TWh. You could power an entire country with that amount of electricity.

This new currency uses a lottery system that consumes only a few cents of electricity.


Instant transactions

Send byonicoins across the world in an instant just by scanning a QR code.

Free lottery

We distribute currency through a daily lottery. Anyone can enter for free.

No specialized equipment

Unlike cryptos, you don't need specialized equipment to mine for this currency. Just enter the lottery through the app.

Eco friendly

This currency doesn't use giant server farms to distribute byonicoins. We just use a simple lottery system.

Our app

Manage your wallet

With our app, you can instantly manage your byonicoins wallet and see recent transactions, even if you are offline.

Enter the lottery

You can enter the daily lottery for free. Your entry is valid only for the current lottery.

Send and receive

You can easily send byonicoins to anyone. You just need their username or QR code.

Invite your friends

If a friend uses your referral code, you get 20 free byonicoins and your friend gets 10. Its a win for everyone.

The team

We are an Italian startup, we started this journey a few months ago and we are looking for people who believe in this ambitious project just like we do. Do you have feedback on Byonic? Or a question? Send us an email at or tweet us @byonicoin